European Hearth Baked Breads

Our Process

We make bread the way it was made 200 years ago. Our artisan breads are prepared from the finest ingredients, handcrafted by skilled bakers, and hearth-baked in a French stone oven.

Crest Hill breads are created from the finest available ingredients: unbleached, untreated flour, pre-fermented starters, water and salt. No chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorings or other additives. Ever.

Sensational bread cannot be rushed. Using traditional pre-fermented starters, our breads rise slowly for days before baking. Like the aging of fine wine, this slow, patient process allows the deep, rich flavors of our all-natural ingredients to fully develop and permeate every bite. Blending different starters allows us to control flavor, texture.

We bake in French stone-lined ovens. We par-bake and flash freeze to ensure freshness without preservatives. Major investments in food safety ensure safe, consistent products every day. Leveraging the advantages of science and the art of old world bread making, Crest Hill delivers a superior product retailers can be proud of.

Our operation is a kitchen, not a factory.