European Hearth Baked Breads

About Crest Hill Bakery

Crest Hill is a top quality wholesale provider of private label breads. The 145,000 square foot Maryland-based bakery provides true artisan breads to major retailers across the eastern US, with capacity to serve deli departments across the country.

President and founder, David Neville began his baking career as a teenager. Over his 35 years in the business he has honed his culinary and management skills to propel Crest Hill into a unique position, providing artisan quality, handmade breads on a scale necessary to meet the needs of major food retailers. For many years, Neville worked in and operated retail bakeries, learning exactly what families looked for in bread products.

Our team of bakers par-bake more than 40 varieties of bread in our authentic French stone ovens. (No tunnel ovens here!) Breads are flash-frozen and shipped to retailers, for finishing in bakery/deli department ovens. Every customer gets a handmade, artisan quality loaf that’s fresh out of the oven and full of flavor.

Bottom Line Impact

Offering private label breads from Crest Hill has helped retailers revitalize their deli operations through higher quality, wider variety and greater efficiency. Food retailers add not just loaf bread sales, but greatly enhance the quality of store-sandwiches and increase lunchtime sales.

We often work with stores to create custom offerings to meet the needs of their customers – including regional and seasonal specialties.

Bread makes the sandwich.